In a global pandemic where contact with others has been discouraged, opportunities for unique connections and experiences present themselves through various outlets across the internet. Turning what was once just a simple pastime into an essential means of human connection, film student Laura Morton chronicles what it’s like for her Twitch streams to transform into a genuine, palpable community that manages to transcend the trappings of our unfortunate pandemic lifestyle.



Laura Morton

Writer, Director, Producer

Watching and hearing stories from others of their struggles with loneliness and isolation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic inspired Laura to write and direct her first film. Laura hopes to use Alone Together as an opportunity to show and tell others the story of her experience during this time, and how she was able to find communities and new friends online through streaming.

Timothy young

Writer, Producer

An aspiring writer and director, Timothy has a passion for all things storytelling. As a longtime viewer of Laura’s streams he’s excited to help tell this unique and personal story about the unexpected ways we can connect during this unprecedented time we are all living through, and the impact that those connections can have on our lives. 


Charles Nguyen-Tu

Director of Photography

As a film school student, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to push myself and put my skills to the test. I’ve worked in many different areas on a variety of projects, and have learned from some incredibly talented professionals. I love applying my creativity in new ways, and am constantly looking for new sources of inspiration.


Curtis Lambier


Currently a third year film student at Sheridan College, Curtis plans to pursue filmmaking along the avenues of directing and editing, and plans to use the transmedia component of Alone Together to help bring awareness to this unique and essential project that feels all but too personally relevant and impactful given our current climate.