Hi my name is Marie von Boetticher. I have been an elementary teacher since 1987. I have loved every minute of it. I have taught every grade in the elementary panel except 6 and 8. Every day my job is different and I love that. I have built relationships with families having taught sibling and been to several graduations of my students. I have also been asked to be a Confirmation sponsor for 2 of my students which was an amazing gift. Teaching during the lockdown and now in class with Covid restrictions has been the most challenging time of my career. This documentary focuses on teaching during Covid. I hope you gain a different perspective after you watch it.

“Teaching online was very surreal because I didn’t understand initially how I was going to effectively teach a concept. I was completely overwhelmed teaching 8 year old children over a computer.”

“I definitely sympathize with my students when the schools closed down because for them school isn’t necessarily about learning how to read, write, add and subtract. It’s about their friends, its about building relationships, sharing ideas.”

“Learning together is the best way to learn!”