Clutch your keys in your fist. Never leave your drink unattended. Only walk on sidewalks well lit.

GUARDIANS depicts how a girl’s experience of a mundane walk home at night becomes distorted into something terrifying simply because of her sex. Along the sleepy roads of suburbia, a girl walks isolated and on guard. The street lights keep the shadows at bay. Everything is deeply saturated in pinks, yellows and indigo. Concrete is colorful. The camera’s noise creates a warm buzz, filling the frame with restless energy. Not everything is as it seems.


"After a lifetime of feeling like prey, I hope that creating this documentary provides catharsis for anyone who has also feared walking home in the dark. Your paranoia is warranted, and it does not you any less sensible. Your anxiety is universal, yet it does not make you any less brave"
“This is a really important story to tell and having an insight on these fears and worries help teach others the reality of the situation. I’m so happy to be apart of this crew to help share this story and message”
“This doc hits really close to home, as I (just like every young woman in the world) have always felt the fear of being attacked on a simple walk home, especially at night. I hope that my cinematography efforts have helped even in a small way to provide a platform for young women to discuss the topic of dismantling the normalization of rape and violence against women.”
“I wanted to assist with this doc because it seemed like an awesome challenge to shoot, as the team was only filming at nighttime. Can’t wait to see how the film turns out!”
“I think this documentary helps address the situation that shouldn’t be as normalized as it. The fear and worry people have shouldn’t be taken lightly. I am beyond happy to be apart of this crew and to help share this story and help get the conversation started”
“Hiiii there! My name is Jessie and I am the location and post soundie! I joined Guardians because I know myself and many other women around the world resonate very closely with our topic and believe this story should be told”
“I wanted to be a part of Guardians because it's a film that sheds light on a dark, and important subject. Documenting the emotional journey of women traveling home in the dark rather, rather than presenting the issue has a series of statistics”
“The creation of this doc has been a much needed experience as it's shown how deep the fear of walking alone at night has been engrained into young women and into the minds of the people who care about these women. I hope this doc can shed light on this subject for people the same way it did for me”
“Getting to help and watch this documentary get made has been as insightful as it has been enjoyable. To be able to experience a firsthand perspective as an outsider on such an overlooked issue has been a privilege”
“I think this documentary is really important because it addresses constant fears that have been so normalized in our world. I am happy to be apart of this crew to help share this story”
“I am grateful to be part of a production that sheds light on the real and raw anxieties women face on a day to day basis. This is a topic that I do not shy away from and am glad it is being shared”