Following the outburst of media coverage on a small town in Newfoundland, a young man journeys there to learn from locals about their new-found fame as well as reflect on his identity as a Newfoundlander.



There are two parts to this story:

The first showcases the transformation of Dildo, Newfoundland, a small fishing village in Newfoundland that gained an explosive amount of popularity when Jimmy Kimmel campaigned for mayorship on his show.

The second follows Jonathan Payne, a Newfoundlander now studying in Ontario, as he travels to Dildo and hears first-hand accounts of Kimmel’s impact on the town.

While Jonathan explores the town and sits down with key players of the Kimmel Chronicles, he digs deeper into his home identity, coming to terms with how he fits in and how he can authentically carry himself as a Newfoundlander.