Diedre (Deedee)’s mom Angie is a 53-year-old Filipina woman who lives in Orillia, Ontario, with her husband Derrick and her youngest of 4, Miguel. She works as a full-time receptionist at a Casino and spends her days gardening, watching movies with Derrick, or shopping at the local Winners store. As peaceful as her life sounds now, it was not always like this. As a matter of fact, this is the first time that she has ever felt at peace in her life.

Unfortunately, the majority of first-generation immigrant families suffer from culture shock, failing to realize its effects. Years of depression and anxiety in both kids and adults can quietly accumulate, leading them to feel like outcasts within their homes and society.

As a result of having poor parental figures, Angie was forced to mature at a young age, raising her younger siblings while she raised herself and her newborn child at 19. Her frustration manifested itself through severe mood swings and anger towards her husband and family throughout the years to follow.  

Aiming to unravel key moments in time that lead to Angie’s current situation, by retelling her past, we can gain insight into the hardships and sacrifices that a mother makes to raise her children.