About Us

In this 6-minute documentary portrait film, Modern Royalty, audiences will be compelled by the origin of Ball Culture, as it shines a light on the history of the art and its cultural significance. 

Modern Royalty is, at its core, a film created from love.


As third-year students in the Bachelor of Film and Television program at Sheridan College, we were tasked this semester to create a 6-minute documentary film on a subject that we are passionate about. And thus, Modern Royalty was born.


As our main subject, Jazmine Loubie Miyake-Mugler shares insight on Toronto’s Ballroom scene while addressing the stigma of queer and trans people of colour, as well as social justice for the LGBTQ2S+ community. Our film expresses the power of this art form and the community that Ballroom brings- Founded by trans people of colour, Ballroom gives the double minority group a safe, expressive space.


As a small crew of 8 students, we took this project to heart and enjoyed learning about the roots of Ball Culture along the way. It is an art form that has stayed true to its foundation, keeping its cultural significance alive to support the community it surrounds.


Shooting during a global pandemic with strict safety protocols revealed some challenges. Nevertheless, we put our heart and soul into this documentary, which in turn reflects the heart and soul of members in the Ballroom community.