Meet Our Crew

Meet Our Crew

Natasha Uhrig
Emilie Peloso - Co-Director

My name’s Natasha Uhrig and I am the Director of Modern Royalty. Film and Television did not come firsthand as a career path for me – I love all things art related, specifically drawing and painting. I originally saw myself as a fine artist, but in my last year of high school, I took a quick turn into theatre and designed, built and painted the set of my graduating theatre production. 

Modern Royalty came to life when I asked a close friend of mine if I could tell their story on camera. It highlights important subjects of race and gender, through compelling performance art, known as Ballroom culture. Film became an outlet for me to tell stories that were uncommon or tough to talk about, and I’m able to use my knowledge and skills in art to bring them to life. I want to thank my dedicated and talented crew, as well as my dear friend and subject, Jazmine Loubie – Miyake Mugler – I would not have been able to bring this film to life without them. I am beyond thrilled to share this story of growth, acceptance, and individualism to an audience that is ready to celebrate it.


My name is Emilie Peloso, a 3rd year BFTV student specializing in the editing and cinematography streams. I am so thankful to be a part of such a hardworking team of film students! It’s been a wonderful experience watching this documentary blossom. Modern Royalty has taught me so much about the art of Ballroom Drag: it’s rich history, and it’s wonderfully charismatic members. I have grown such an appreciation for Ballroom and the overwhelming amount of love and acceptance in which it’s built upon. 

Emma Todd - Co-Producer, Picture Editor, Transmedia
Katie McKenna - Co-Producer

My name is Emma Todd and I am in my third year of BFTV as an Editing major! Working with this crew has been an incredible experience- not only are we able to learn more about Ballroom ourselves through this process, but it feels so rewarding to put our hearts into a project that reflects the hearts and souls of the Ballroom community- specifically Jazmine and the House of Louboutin. This project feels very special to me, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone! 

My name is Katie McKenna and I am in my third year of BFTV.  I have an interest in Directing, and I am currently focusing on Cinematography.  This project piqued my interest because of how important the topic is, and I am thrilled to be working with such creative people.  I have learned a lot about the Ballroom Scene and I can’t wait to share that with others!

Eddie Lim - Director of Photography
Raine Lundy - Sound

I only go by Edward for credits and legal documents but to everyone else my name is Eddie. I am a third year camera specialist in the BFTV program which would be a surprise to my high school self who thought he was going to go into business. I joined this crew because the subject of Ballroom seemed interesting to me and I had thought of a few interesting visual themes that could fit the project. It has been a fun time working with this talented crew and I am excited for everyone to see the final product!

Hello! My name is Raine and I am the location & post sound for Modern Royalty. This production has introduced me to the world of ballroom culture, and I am excited to help my crewmates bring this story to life.

Alec Whittal - Graphics Editor
Jonathan Payne - Writer, Researcher

My name is Alec Whittal and I am working on the graphics for Modern Royalty. I am a 3rd year BFTV student that is specializing in graphics and visual effects. This project was interesting to me because of the many different creative styles we could have chosen and also as a way of becoming more educated on such a positive community of people. 

Hello there! My name is Jonathan Payne and Researcher is one of my favourite Pandemic roles. For me, series’ and movies have always stuck with me – stories just make you feel a kind of way, and I want to be a part of making others feel the way that I do whenever I watch something that has impacted me. With Modern Royalty, I was interested in learning more about the world of ballroom drag and how they tell THEIR stories, so I was more than happy to hop on the project and dive into their world.