Liam Kimmons


Areas of Film: Directing & Writing

“I’ve always been greatly inspired by filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, F.W Murnau and Stanley Kubrick for their abilities of melding genres. To find new ways of melding genres of stories to get a deeper truth is very important to me. A story can be written any way, but it’s the how the story is told that molds the audience perception.”


Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind - The Shining - Spring Breakers - The Social Network

Picture Editor

Areas of Film: Video Editing

“I love current events; there is something that raises my confidence and comfort about staying in the loop with what’s going on around the world. I would love to work in the news if I had the chance, otherwise, I’m very content editing any kind of content. Put me in front of a desktop and I’ll edit my hear out!”


The Truman Show - Kill Bill - Coco - Silence of The Lambs

Hayley Torio

Martin Restrepo


Areas of Film: Producing, Writing & Direction of Photography

“I like stories of people who let go of their insecurities and find connections with others around them. Wether is a friendship, a love story, or a stranger that is just passing by; that to me is incredible, I want it to be a part of my work. I want to help others filmmakers acquire their goals and will always fight for stories to be told the way they are meant to”


Before Sunrise - Toy Story - Whiplash - Call Me By Your Name

Sound Supervisor

Areas of Film: Sound & Video Editing

“There are many stories I’d like to tell! I want to tell stuff that’s serious and dramatic but also stuff that’s entertaining. Currently I am doing Post-Production and editing. I would like to continue in sound as well and maybe even writing!”


Jaws - Predator - Gojira - Blade Runner

Matthew Urso

Malcolm Judah

Director of Photography

Areas of Film: Direction of Photography & Writing

“I want to tell stories of the unknown individuals and their bizarre lives”


Interstellar - Punch Drunk Love - Busters Mal Heart -
Fantastic Mr. Fox

Graphics & Visual Effects

Areas of Film: Editing, Visual Effects & Graphics

“I want to create visually interesting and stylistic stories that take place as far removed from reality as possible A touch of humour, a dash of existentialism and a whole lot of editing with After Effects. I have always loved psychological horror, philosophical sci-fi and the rare gem of epic fantasy that isn’t hot garbage.”


A Ghost Story - Lord of the Rings: Return of The King -
2001: A Space Odyssey - The Thing

Andrew Strachan

Brian Ansara

Co-Writer & Researcher

Areas of Film: Directing & Writing

“As a filmmaker the stories which I would want to tell would be ones that walk a tightrope between being arthouse and exploitation films”


Blow Out - Mishima: A life in Four Chapters -
Crimes & Misdemeanours - El Topo