Meet our Guests!

My name is Brendan Gall!

I started as an actor and a playwright, and now I work predominantly as a film and television writer and producer. 

-Brendan Gall for COVID Creations

I’m Kaili Vernoff!

I’m an actress! I’ve done 6 films directed by Woody Allen. Most recently I’m known for my performance as Susan Grimshaw in the video game, Red Dead Redemption 2.  

– Kaili Vernoff for COVID Creations

My name is Sarah Slean!

I am a musician, and an artist and a composer. I’ve been making records and working in music for about 25 years now.

– Sarah Slean for COVID Creations

I am Diana Sanchez!

I am the senior Director of Film at TIFF.
That means I oversee the festival’s film programming, as well as year round cinematheque programming. I’ve been a programmer for 18 years and I have a specialty in Spanish, Latin American, Caribbean and Central American cinema!

– Diana Sanchez for COVID Creations