A documentary bringing light to the struggles of film students getting creative and inspired to make their third year documentary films.

It’s day 3000 of quarantine (it’s actually day 210) and it’s felt like years since quarantine has started. On a day like every other, in a small apartment room is a girl laying in bed as she did for 20 out of the 24 hours of the day. She checks her phone and reads the pop up reminder of what day of quarantine it was, like it mattered. Like the dead rising, she gets out of bed, a zombie of tik tok and netflix and prime subscriptions. Sheridan Film Students have just been told that they must create documentaries and she has no idea what hers will be about. 

Unable to understand how other film students have created ideas, she comes across the idea to do her documentary on them, the film students and their experiences of making a doc. could this idea be the answer? will this save her grade and finally feel creative? 

This documentary follows the struggles of film students trying to be inspired and make a creative documentary in quarantine without being in school and using school equipment. this story follows Aluisa Greco (the creator of MIQ) and how she goes on a journey to create her doc with the help of other film students and their personal experiences.