We live in a culture that prioritizes online presence, demanding our attention, and pressuring us to monetize every minute of our lives. “Productivity” plagues us as young adults groomed to be ready to work at a moment’s notice, with no break in sight. Author and artist Jenny Odell, begs the question: Productivity for whom? What can we do as individuals to break away from these fleeting days of constant connection and truly understand ourselves and the world around us?

Rather than just throwing away every source of technology and living off the grid, which many of us don’t have the privilege to do, we will explore the idea of slowing down and connecting with ourselves and our communities in a “non-productive” way. This documentary is dedicated to
exploring the idea of temporary “removal” as we find small ways in which we can almost fall out of linear time, to only come back and see things differently. From watching a favourite film, to stargazing, or even simply going for a walk can create moments away from our claustrophobic