“Feeling The Apocalypse” has been a wonderful educational tool for my work in higher education sustainability. From students to professional staff, it has strong resonance with people passionate about environmental issues, and sparks deep and genuine discussion about navigating climate anxiety and eco-grief. I believe FTA has a place in every classroom syllabus focusing on environmentalism and social change.

– Jed Terrence Lee
Wellness and Environmental Justice Community Engagement Manager @ University of California, Berkeley


Feeling The Apocalypse is a short animated documentary about how psychotherapist Anderson Todd struggles with climate anxiety and stays grounded in an increasingly fragmenting world.

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Despair is not an overreaction.


It is an appropriate and empathetic response to what’s happening everywhere.

 But our short film isn’t just about anguish. It’s also about what we do now. No, our individual actions may not be able to change the course of feedback loops or reverse fossil fuel extraction. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be contributing a community, we can’t be learning useful skills, and we can’t be connecting with other people and making a difference in their lives, now or later.
Our lives don’t necessarily have to become less meaningful as the world is crumbling around us. Quite the opposite.

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